- You Place an Order

- We Make an OFFER

* You Pay Less for Order

The power of Combo Offers


Find Product/s

Find the products you want, fill out the Combo Offer Form with the information requested, and press ''Submit'' to send it to us. *Recommended products 3 and above.


We Combine Order

We will process your order and combine the cost of the products with the cost of shipping, and we will send you an improved cost offer from the original.


Completed & Shipped

After you agree, you add the products to the shopping cart, you proceed to the checkout, you pay and the process of preparation and shipping of the order begins.

How does it work?


Find Products & Placed your Order

Discover the products that interest you.

  • Minimum products for the offer combination are 3 products and above.

A first way to fill out the form is to visit the page : Combo Offers   ( *Opens in a separate tab ) and tap on button ” SAVODOR Combo Order Form ” and fill the form.

A second way to fill out the form is to visit the page : Combo Offers   ( *Opens in a separate tab ) Scan QR code from your mobile phone and fill the form.

When filling in the form ( please make sure the details are correct ) press the button ”SUBMIT” and the offer form will be sent to us.

  1. In the form you must complete at least 3 products.
  2. In the products you must complete :

1. Category of Product / 2. SKU-Product Code / 3. The Weight of Product / 4. Quantity.


Price combination

We will take the combination form completed by you and process it to combine the cost of the product with the cost of shipping.

After processing the price combination we will send you (within 2-3 days) our offer which will be much better than the original price of your order.


  • You will also receive a link that will be able to see all the products you want together and proceed with the order with the reduced prices.


Complete the Order

You will receive our offer in the email where you have a statement in the form and after it is agreed, you will click on the link that we have sent you along with the offer, and there you will find your products together and you will be able to complete your order.

After completing the order on our website www.savodor.com, the process of preparing, shipping and delivering your order to the address you have stated, will begin.

The products must be the same ( CATEGORY – SKU – WEIGHT – QUANTITY ) as described in the combination form you filled out.

Ready to Place Order ?

1. Press the button and the combined form will open in a new tab.

2. Scan QR CODE with your mobile phone and follow the steps. (*Recommended from Pc or Tablet)

*Open the form on your Mobile Phone see the details from your PC or Tablet and fill the form on your Mobile Phone.

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