‘Yamas!’ In Greece means welcome, it means hospitality with a huge smile

"Food is a way to travel through taste to places you've never been before.

As we say in Greece : YAMAS

Tsipouro without anise aged 2015 vol 41% and Cretan Rusk + Graviera Cheese and Olives

OUZO with meze & YAMAS

Traditional Ouzo 700ml 40% vol and Aegean Sardines in Vegetable oil & Stuffed vine leaves with rice & herbs & Whole Milled Barley Rusk.

YAMAS in Crete means ''hospitality''

Cretan Tsikoudia 40% vol & Rusks the meze of Τsikoudia & Graviera Ψheese and Cretan Ηoney to pour it over the graviera...excellent combination !!

The Original Brandy

Brandy METAXA 12* & Choco Bits Orange + Health Chocolate with 85% Cocoa and Health Chocolate with Orange as GIFT


CALLIGA White Wine 750ml and CALLIGA Semi-dry Rosé Wine 750ml
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