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500 ml Exclusive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin Can


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Early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil, light to medium fruity, complex and pungent taste.

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Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil from Kythera. It is produced and bottled in the village of Karava-Kythera under the care of Tzortzopoulos family. It is made of cold pressed unripe olives of koroneiki variety, a product that respects the high nutritional and dietary value of olive oil.
It has received national and international recognition and awards for its quality and taste. Astarti Exclusive organic extra virgin olive oil is characterized as light to medium fruity. Its aroma is elegant and unusual, its taste is complex and fine with a definite bitterness and balanced pungency. It is excellent on seafood, white meat, steamed vegetables and fresh salads.


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