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500 ml Proselion Limited Blend Early Harvest EVOO


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It has a balanced taste, medium intensity bitter and intense spicy aftertaste, low acidity, intense fruity aroma and high polyphenols.

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A limited blend of our extra virgin olive oil, consisting of early harvest olive oils of three selected varieties of Halkidiki. Balanced taste of low acidity with intense fruity aroma, moderate intensity bitter, with intense spicy aftertaste that lasts and excellent organoleptic characteristics and polyphenols.
The fruit is collected by hand, and handled only by mechanical methods, with cold-press extraction (<25 °C), a few hours after harvest. Store in tanks where it is sealed with added nitrogen. Non-refillable Dorica 500ml (Bruni Glass) packaging is used to ensure the quality of the product, also with the addition of nitrogen. This procedure does not bring the product into contact with oxygen in order to ensure a long shelf life, thus ending date and maintaining the freshness and beneficial ingredients of olive oils. Excellent content of antioxidants and polyphenols, valuable health ally. Recent research shows the beneficial properties of Halkidiki early harvest olive oil in diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Its high vitamin E content is a powerful antioxidant. The main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Try it raw, with fish and meats, smoked cheeses and cold cuts. It pops up its aromas in hot food. Aromas of cut grass, red apple, almond and green pepper.


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