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LIA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml aroma of freshly cut olives a strong fruity taste.

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LIA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml aroma of freshly cut olives a strong fruity taste

LIÁ characterized by a medium olive fruitiness that olives that are green. Medium fruity of green banana, red fruits, flowers, green apple, artichoke and wild herbs admirably balanced on bitter and pungent components, shows a very pleasant delicate note of walnut and pink pepper.

LIÁ has a medium olive fruitiness and moderate notes of fresh olives when harvested totally green. Extremely fruity in flavor with a herbaceous fragrance of the grass, herbs, tomato leaf, green banana, apple, and fresh floral aromas. A pleasant EVOO with a clean mouthfeel and moderate pungent and bitter length. Bitter almond, pink pepper, and wild herbs in the perfect aftertaste

The hidden ingredient of well-being, being yours: LIÁ!

LIÁ premium extra virgin olive oil is sealed in a white bottle which promises to sprinkle this Messenian bliss over your family or friendly gatherings. Its exceptional taste, flavor, and features are the results of our painstaking efforts during the whole production procedure; from cultivation to storage.

We combine traditional methods of cultivation with modern techniques in order to respect the sustainability of the ecosystem.

We still pick our olives by hand just like our parents used to do, seeing that neither the fruit nor the tree is damaged. We use only linen sacks and take our fruit to the oil press the very same day of its harvest to assure that it retains all its properties until the further procedure. We exclusively use the cold extraction method to make sure that the nutritional values, as well as the taste and flavor properties of the fruit, are transferred into the oil pulp.

We put LIÁ olive oil into a well – designed opaque white bottle to keep your oil away from light and to preserve its top quality. Finally, we store our bottles in a cool place of regular temperature.

We do everything that is required so that LIÁ comes to you as we have imagined it to come. Right out of our roots of bliss, your LIÁ.

Organoleptic Analysis
LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a light intensity of fresh fruitiness on the nose. It is perched on the green palette where green leaves and grass are expressed in a well-balanced way. The aroma of vegetal nuances, tomato, and artichoke intensity stands out. At the end fresh cut grass, green tea and rose petal, herbal flavors and lemon, and so delicate domination of raw banana hints. The flavors, the medium intensities of both bitterness and pungency are well balanced. Everything is combined harmoniously with the attributes previously detected in the nose.

Acidity: <0.4%
0.139 K232: 1, 754
DK: -0.001
Peroxide value (meq02 / kg): 6.6
Wax (mg / kg): 39

Before use: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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