5lt Cretan Golden Extra Virgin


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5lt Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exceptional Virgin Olive Oil of PDO distinctive aroma of freshly cut olives a strong fruity taste.

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The container is made of gold-plated tinplate.
Tin cans retain the appearance, flavor, aroma and most important the nutrients that olive oil contains,
as they are impervious to sunlight and atmospheric oxygen.
In addition, this is the packaging in which olive oil has the longest life.
That means that until its last drop, the olive oil that is packed in tin cans keeps its high biological value unaltered.

It is packed without mechanical means, one container at a time,
in order to reduce oxidation and maximize its freshness.

The fruit is placed in cloth sacks -that are specifically approved for their adequacy
and is transferred to the olive press on the same day, so they can immediately begin the pressing process,
in order to avoid any creation of fungi, bacteria etc. in the fruit.


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