Aged Wine Distillate 5* Raisin Brandy 700ml Aging in Oak Barrels


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The old spirits from fine wine varieties, Raisin Brandy 5* the high-quality water of the Romanos region and the choice of oak barrels, are some of the secrets of the delicate and aromatic rich taste of the alcoholic beverage.

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RAISIN BRANDY 5 * is produced from 100% ripe raisin distillate. The fine ingredients, the high quality water of the Romanos area and the choice of oak barrels in which it matures patiently, are some of the secrets of its delicate and rich in aroma taste.

You will enjoy it plain, keeping it at a temperature of 16-18ºC, or with tonic, with ginger ale, with fresh lemon or orange juice, in combination with Cherry liqueur, Vanilla, Honey, Coffee, or with citrus liqueur: Bergamot, Mandarin, Grape , Triple Sec. It goes well with coffee, chocolate or tea, sweets, or cocktails.

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2x200ml, 700ml


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