Anniversary ouzo collectible bottle 500ml & Tsikoudia 200ml & Raki – Honey 200ml


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The natural ingredients and the elaborate extraction elevate the old home recipe to an incredibly full and balanced, timelessly modern taste.

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Anniversary ouzo collectible bottle for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Kostea distillery.
Aromatic herbs based on anise, Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and water, compose the traditional recipe.

The marcs used are fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. The distillation process takes place under perfectly controlled pressure and temperature conditions, thanks to the modern fractional abyss and the experience of twenty-six years of operation.

Rakomelo or liqueur with honey, say it like you want, Haraki Honey tsikoudia is a special distillate. It is produced by combining tsikoudia with honey. Honey with a strong aroma and natural color is chosen so that no artificial additives are used. Only a very small percentage of herbal extract is added, with herbs from Psiloritis that have been stored for more than a year.

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100ml, 200ml, 500ml


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