Anniversary ouzo Special Edition bottle 500ml & Ouzo 200ml & AGE TSIPOURO COLLECTIVE 200ml


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The natural ingredients and the elaborate extraction elevate the old home recipe to an incredibly full and balanced, timelessly modern taste.

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An exciting recipe, with the distillation secrets, enriched with aromatic herbs starring the asteroid anise … which leads to the composition of an extremely “Special Edition” aperitif!

Many distillers, for years, try and keep for themselves and their friends the “heart of the heart of the distillate, the core of the final distillation of ouzo, what they call” unadulterated “.
An excellent triple distillate that creates the new special category of fine ouzo for all those who recognize and appreciate quality.
Three basic features make up Adolo’s body:
Appearance: Crystalline, clear with dense “tears” and deep blue emulsion after diluting the drink with water.
Aroma: Fine and elegant with mild intensity aromas of anise, fennel, cinnamon and chamomile that create its special character.
Taste: Semi-dry, with hot alcohol and full body. Soft intensity aromas of anise, fennel, mastic, kakoule and cinnamon. An oily, pleasant texture with a long lasting and slightly sweet finish that expresses the authentic character of the distillate.

Rich dense aroma of citrus, apple, pear and cinnamon. Velvety mouthfeel framed by vanilla and citrus aromas.

Double distillation product in traditional copper ambka. Ages in oak barrels for at least a year.

The grape mass after the fermentation process is placed in traditional copper pots followed by slow double distillation at a mild temperature. During the second distillation process, it is separated into three fractions head-heart and tail, where only the heart is isolated. The distillate ages in oak barrels for at least a year, when it gives us the aged tsipouro.

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100ml, 200ml, 500ml


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