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Arcadia Pine || Premium Organic Honey 325gr


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LIMITED PRODUCTION FOR QUALITY INSTEAD OF QUANTITY From native Greek pine trees On the lowest plateau in Mainalon Forest, Arcadia, Greece 325gr

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A truly distinctive honeydew honey, ARCADIA PINE Premium Organic Honey offers a unique combination of sweetness and spiciness. ARCADIA PINE honeydew honey is an impressive pearl-amber color, with metallic highlights. This honey is very good for both mind and body. Much thicker and healthier than blossom honeys, it contains a high level of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants with extensive health benefits.


✓ TASTE: Hints of the forest, with an underlying resinous flavor and a warm, spicy finish. A nicely mild floral sweetness.

✓ AROMA: A fresh woodsy scent.


✓ HARVEST AREA: The lower plateau of Mount Mainalon in Arcadia, Greece.

Honeydew honey

ARCADIA PINE Premium Organic Honey belongs to an unusual class of honeys that are not produced by honey bees on their own. Instead, these honeys are made by bees that collect honeydew left by insects that live on Arcadian pine trees. Honeydew is a sugar-like entity on the trees that sparkles in the sun, as dew does. Bees adore honeydew. They convert it to a distinctive, luscious honey that is naturally low in fructose and glucose. This means the honey is resistant to the crystallization that is common with blossom honeys—as well as boasting an incomparable earthy flavor!

From native Greek pine trees

On the lowest plateau in Mainalon Forest, Arcadia, Greece

Bees harvest Apiceuticals Premium Organic Honey from Arcadian pines (Pinus pinea) on the lowest plateau of Mount Mainalon in the prefecture of Arcadia in Greece, at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level. Pinus pinea is native to this mountain. Far from any human cultivation, this area is one of the most pristine lands in Greece and the world. Here, the bees fly freely, collecting honeydew from the pine trees.

Full-bodied and smooth as silk – Naturally low in fructose and glucose

A smooth, full-bodied honeydew honey with a thick, rich texture, this honey is remarkable for its intense pine aroma. Its flavor is malty and earthy, with tangy notes. Because it is a honeydew honey, ARCADIA PINE Honey is naturally low in fructose and glucose.

Featuring natural antioxidants – For healing by honeydew

Rich in natural phenolic compounds, disease-fighting antioxidants that combat the free radicals that are responsible for oxidation and therefore the aging of cells.
Higher antiviral and antibacterial activity than blossom honeys.
Helpful when treating sore throats and respiratory infections. It is dense enough to stick to the lining of the throat, so that it can calm and heal irritation, inflammation, and coughs.
Rich in essential minerals, including calcium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and sodium.
Lower in natural sugars than blossom honeys, so that it is recommended as part of a balanced low-calorie diet.
Recommended uses

  • Perfect for sore throats
  • Perfect for tea and breakfast
  • Perfect for pairing with cheese to aid digestion after meals
  • Perfect for enlivening fruity desserts, salads, Greek yogurt, or almost any dish!


This honey treasure is extracted using centrifugal force. Absolutely no heat is used, in order to avoid reducing the honey’s nutritional value or damaging its singular flavor./The team at Apiceuticals prepares all their products by hand in small batches on their farm in Arcadia, Greece. This way, they can ensure the highest quality and the best health benefits. To safeguard their bees, they harvest no more than 60% of their beehives’ production, leaving at least 40% of the honey on the honeycombs. To safeguard the earth and its human and insect populations, present and future, they use sustainable organic production methods.

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