Bitter Almond Traditional Liqueurs from 100% natural extracts and essences.


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Bitter Almond liqueur is produced from 100% natural bitter almond extracts from apricot kernels in a traditional way. A sweet liqueur, slightly bitter (“amaretto”), with a deep, mature taste. The bitter almonds (kernels) from the apricots are immersed in alcohol and release unique aromas in sweet shades, with a slightly bitter note at the end.

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The liqueur is traditionally produced from 100% natural extracts of wild herbs. Many fruits are harvested patiently where the climate is ideal for them to thrive.

When the ripe, selected fruits are immersed in the sweetness of the sugar and the intoxication of the brandy, the old recipe is perfected and the result is a liqueur with a strong aroma and a soft, sour taste. The aromas of an entire garden are housed in a bottle!

Enjoy the cool (12-13ºC), plain, with ice, or in the most unique cocktails.

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50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 2x50ml, 2x100ml


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