Chios Honey Pine & Herbs 720gr-25.39oz


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The high nutritional value of this honey is directly related to its rich composition in trace elements and amino acids and has the highest zinc content compared to other honey. Unique and guaranteed quality and taste without preservatives.

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Chian honey is a honey produced from pines and herbs, which are generously provided in Chian nature. Honey as a food is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthy foods. It has a mild aroma and is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It gives energy to the muscles, clarity to the mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. It is not a processing product. It depends on the flowering and the preferences of the bees, so the taste may differ in each batch.

Its main nutrients are carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), proteins, B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc). In terms of caloric value, a spoon, which is equivalent to about 21 g, gives 64 calories, while the corresponding amount of sugar has 84 calories.

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