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E-LA-WON Acidity: 0.2% Extra virgin Olive Oil Premium 500ml


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E-LA-WON Extra virgin Olive Oil Premium 500ml Koroneiki PDO Green Fresh.

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Green Fresh Elawon early harvested olive oil contains high percentages of antioxidants and polyphenols.
ELAWON Green Fresh olive oil is produced by early harvested Koroneiki variety olives, while the olives are still green and unripe.
It is characterized by its fresh green flavor and strong peppery aftertaste.

Nitrogen is induced in the head space of the bottles, so that the freshness of the olive juice
is preserved along with the organoleptic and chemical characteristics.

Produced by a family olive farm in Peloponnese from famous olive variety “Koroneiki”.
It has very low acidity and intense fruitiness combined with a strong peppery after taste.


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