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Eulogia of Sparta Ultra Premium Organic Olive Oil with White Truffle


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This premium, extra virginolive oil from Eulogia – complete with white truffle – has been created from a rare variety of olives, hand-picked from the ancient groves of Sparta and then combined with luxurious Tuber Magnatum Pico truffles.

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The team at Eulogia of Sparta starts with organically grown Athinolia olives hand-picked from their own groves near ancient Sparta in Laconia, Greece. From those unusual olives, they produce very low acidity single estate Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (0.2 to 0.4 % free fatty acids).

This is combined with Tuber Magnatum Pico, a highly treasured white truffle found in southern Europe, which they import from Alba, Italy. The mixture matures for more than 30 days before bottling, transforming into a special delicacy. The truffle gives the oil a luxurious flavor and a distinctive aroma. The resulting ambrosia is perfect for finishing pasta, risotto, asparagus, or fish; it also pairs beautifully with gruyere cheese and honey.

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