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The natural ingredients and the elaborate extraction elevate the old home recipe to an incredibly full and balanced, timelessly modern taste.

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The natural ingredients and the elaborate extraction elevate the old home recipe to an incredibly full and balanced, timelessly modern taste. Enjoyment: Plain, aperitif or digestive. Unique cinnamon flavor for excellent cocktails only. Taste: Rich and exuberant earthy taste with a mysterious sense of French vanilla and sweet cedar aroma. Fragrance: Sweet and spicy, rich and provocative aroma of cinnamon and citrus. Color: Rich and noble brown, with soft touches of citrus color.

Top raki is mixed with excellent quality honey. The addition of cinnamon, cloves and other ingredients and the complete absence of sugar, reverently following the traditional production process, contributes to an exemplary taste experience.
Enjoyment: Warm, winter and sweet drink, digestive and invigorating, in the tea or on the side with an icy dose of summer carefree honey. Raki and thyme honey take off unique modern cocktail mixologist cocktails. Taste: Sweet natural, honey flavor. Discreet presence of spices, rich and strong aftertaste. Aroma: Strong and showy, fruity aroma of honey with touches of cinnamon and citrus. Color: Bright, with a unique warm golden red hue.

Origanon the dictamnon is the coordinator of a symphony of herbs and aromatic plants of Greek nature and beyond, creating the first bitter Greek Herb Spirit. The long extraction and the unique dittany of Crete are just two of its many secrets.
Enjoyment: Plain or with ice, refreshing or digestive. Ideal for special earthy cocktails, iced shot for natural relaxation. Taste: Brainy and multi-layered taste that harmoniously combines bitter herbal origins with a subtle fruity excitement. Thick aftertaste and velvety texture. Fragrance: The natural freshness coexists with an almost sweet-smoky hue. Color: Deep and vibrant brown with notes of wild orchid.

It is the only mastic drink produced by distilling mastic without adding aromas (essence) or mastic oil. Fine mastic scent on the nose and mouth. Controllable and pleasant sweet.

It can be consumed plain frozen or in cocktails. In its appearance it is colorless and clean with dense tears, slow speed when stirring. In the mouth it is sweet, with a slight intensity of acidity and a velvety feeling. Long aftertaste with strong aromas of mastic. In its aromatic characteristics we can distinguish aromas of lavender and coconut with the aromas of Mastic dominating.

Distilled from 100% natural water, does not contain additional fragrances or artificial fragrances.


100ml, 200ml, 500ml


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