Greek Beer Odyssey Pack 2 pcs x 3 flavors


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For every bottle of beer that encloses flavors and aromas reminiscent of Greece. For every investment it contributes, based on the excellent quality of the beer and the protection of the environment.

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1. Odyssey Calypso’s Desire ( BLACK )

Soft, velvety with dark brown color and aromas that tempt you. Rich creamy foam and such a fruity taste that you can hardly resist it.

2. Odyssey Circe’s Spell ( RED )

Odysseus Station on the island of Kirki, which used magic drinks / filters to keep its visitors close, sparked the creation of Odyssey Red Circe’s Spell. A beer different from the others, which with its charm makes every moment magical. Secret combination of aromatic malt with a charming aroma of orange and spicy seeds of exotic spices, which lure you into its magic.

3. Odyssey Siren’s Call ( WHITE )

Notes of citrus aroma, irresistible aromas of malt, spicy coriander feeling, in a call of exotic passion.

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2x200ml, 700ml


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