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Gruyere or Graviera Hard


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Graviera Cretan Origin Hard Cheese from Sheep & Coat’s Milk Exceptional Taste PDO Traditional Greek Product.


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Cretan Gruyere is one of the most popular cheeses in Crete. It is known for its excellent quality, the traditional way of its production, its pure ingredients and its unique pleasant taste.The Cretan Gruyere is characterized as a hard table cheese and it is a symbol of the traditional Cretan diet with a huge production history on our island which goes back through centuries.

Its color is light yellow or slightly white with small round holes and natural skin and it has a particularly pleasant subtle and slightly brackish flavor with a rich aroma.

The Cretan Gruyere can be consumed on its own, with bread, with plain or barley rusks, with salads, sandwiches or honey and it generally accompanies all kinds of food on our table.
Traditional Graviera Hard Cheese from Crete.
Made of fresh sheep and goat’s milk, from Psiloriti.

Graviera (yellow table cheese) with light, full flavor, rich in milk proteins.

Analysis: Moisture 38% Fat 40%, salt 1.5%.

You can eat this cheese as it is, with fruits, in all pies, on toasts. It’s an excellent treat for spaghetti and orzo.

Graviera of Crete is made mainly from sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk can be used up to 20%.It has to be matured for at least three months, while in Crete we can find gourmets for up to 18 months of maturing, and it is also worthwhile to try the grilled cheese that has matured in a cave, the so-called “cheese of the hole”.Graviera of Crete does not say any white or red wine while doing good with honey, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, and crisps.

Experts in gastronomy know that ginger can come in almost every recipe that provides hard yellow cheese. The children will love it grated on their fried potatoes while giving a distinct taste to risotto, moussaka, and omelets. To showcase the flavor-quality features of the gingerbread, it’s best to stay out of the refrigerator for a while before serving it. In Crete, they say the best way to keep the griller in the fridge is to wrap it in a 100% cotton towel cloth.

Graviera is one of the most calcium-rich foods that can be consumed by humans and is also a good source of protein and an excellent source of phosphorus and magnesium. The 100 grams of grain yield about 370 calories, 30 grams of fat. 28g of protein and 100mg of calcium.

A popular and seductive cheese that always finds a place on the table. It is made from goat-sheep’s milk, it has a brass flavor and a complex aromatic character, which starts with floral fragrances and results in more complex perfumes depending on its aging. Graviera of Crete has a strong temperament and can comfortably monopolize the raw, roomy temperature with spicy fruit chips, whole-grain breadcrumbs, and dried bread. It is easily combined with our wine choices and, of course, it comfortably combines the wines of the Cretan vineyard.
In its milder versions, it can soften red wine tannins and highlight the characteristics of a combination with the Syrah variety. When it is old, it shows the charm of its maturity in its rich flavor and aromas. Bleached white wines from native Cretan varieties and Viognier unmistakably make it a delightful temptation.

It is considered to be one of the most popular cheeses in Greece and holds a prominent position in world preferences. It is a symbol of the traditional Cretan diet with a huge production history on our island for centuries. Cretan Graviera is renowned for its excellent quality, the traditional way of making goat-milk, the purity of its ingredients and its unique pleasant taste. It matures for at least 3 months. Texture and color: Characterized as a very light yellow, hard-table cheese with asymmetrical holes.

Flavor: Particularly pleasant, subtle and slightly brackish with a rich aroma of pure milk.It causes a feeling of well-being and fullness to anyone who tastes it.

“Success component”: The constantly superior quality and taste of the basic raw milk is based on the fact that it comes from animals that graze freely in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Crete and feed on the nutrient-rich flora of the island. The production process of all products is certified with the ISO2000: 2005 quality assurance standard as well as the IFS international standard.


Pasteurized sheep and goat milk of 80% minimum in sheep milk and 20% maximum in goat milk, lactic acid crops, rennet, calcium chloride, salt (<2%)

Storage conditions in refrigerated compartment: 2 to 6 ° C

Chemical properties: Fat in dry matter min: 40%
Moisture max: 38%

Nutrition declaration per 100 g:

Energy / Calories: 1600 kJ / 385 kcal

Fat: of which: 29,8 g – 19,5 g

Carbohydrates: of which: 0,6 g – 0,4 g

Protein: 28.66 g

Salt: 1.52 g



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