Heather Honey from Evergreen forests


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MORE THICK Unique Honey Very Great Taste

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Heather Honey from Evergreen forests of the Greek countryside MORE THICK Unique Honey Very Great Taste

Taste: Vanilla / Great flavor
Texture: Dense honey
Aroma: Evergreen aroma

Greek honey is characterized by a golden color and an extremely limpid and crystalline appearance. Greek honey also has a sustained but not excessive density, ideal to be poured on a dessert or to become an exquisite ingredient that can be easily used.

Among the definitely noblest Greek honey varieties, the Greek thyme honey is certainly positioned on the first step of the podium for its delicacy and its unmistakable taste. Thanks to its soft golden and crystalline color, Greek thyme honey is one of the most delicate and most sought after varieties. It is often available in limited quantities.

Equally excellent, and with a slightly stronger taste, forest honey is a great alternative. It is not a single flower production (as in the case of thyme) but a mix of pollen. It is often combined with pollen deriving from wild flowers. Its color is slightly darker, tending to red, and the paste also takes on a denser consistency.

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