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Heather honey comes from the autumn heather plant (Erica manipuliflora), while it is rarely produced from spring heather (Erica arborea). Heather is a shrub where in height does not exceed 1 m and produces purple flowers. It likes acidic soils, and grows spontaneously in large areas throughout the country, mainland or island. It offers excellent quality nectar and valuable pollen before the bees overwinter.

Heather honey is a special autumn flower honey. It has a special, intense aroma with notes of caramel, fruit and coffee. It is characterized by a special taste of fruit, cinnamon and sometimes it becomes bitter. Its color is copper to amber and it crystallizes very quickly within 2-3 months of harvest. Also, in honey we will observe high fluidity, due to the high humidity it has, reaching even 23%.

It is particularly tonic for the human body, as it contains plenty of easily digestible sugars, which is why it is also sold in health food stores. It has antimicrobial properties, strengthening the digestive and urinary system. It has been used as a medicine since ancient times thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in antioxidants protecting the body from oxygen free radicals and aging. A natural tool for treating diseases such as prostate, nephrolithiasis and gastritis.

It is recommended to consume honey daily, especially in the morning, so that we realize in practice all the benefits and healing properties it offers us.

Energy 1372kJ / 323kcal
Fat (Saturated) 0g (0g)
Carbohydrates (Sugars) 80g (69g)
Proteins 0.3g
Salt 0.02g

Weight 1.550 kg
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