Icaria Arbutus Honey 980gr


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It is an excellent natural product rich in vitamins and trace elements.

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It is an excellent natural product rich in vitamins and trace elements and is a shield of protection for the human body against various diseases, because it contains natural antibiotics in a higher percentage than other honeys.

It is a diuretic and is used as an antiseptic of the urinary system. Even the leaves of the arbutus are indicated in practical medicine, for inflammations of the urinary tract and intestine. It is also used in cases with mild bronchial infections.

It is low in glucose and fructose, so it contains fewer calories, making honey ideal for type 2 diabetics and dieters.

It has a positive effect on the circulatory system, kidneys and heart, thanks to the substance Arbutin, which cleanses the blood and regulates cholesterol levels. It also contains the polysaccharide, Tyranose which increases cell life and the enzyme Dimension or Amylase, which breaks down starch.

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