IKARIAN Honey PACK 4x100gr-4×3.53oz


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IKARIAN Honey PACK 4x100gr-4×3.53oz Flavors : Thyme – Pine – Flowers – Heather(Anama) Very Great Taste


The amber color, its unique taste and its distinctive aroma are the qualities that are considered king of honeys. Thyme honey has tonic and antiseptic properties while medical studies have shown that a small amount of honey helps the human stomach to break down any kind of food. The productive bees in June are transferred to the thyme blooms. An excellent quality honey with rich aroma and taste. Honey that is added to the hard honey of the island due to the small flowering of thyme. Thyme honey is known for its antiseptic and tonic properties. Thyme contains essential oil which is thymol (over 25%). Thymol has antiseptic activity and has been a natural forerunner of modern antibiotics. Thanks to its high copper and boron content, thyme honey is recommended for combating respiratory and digestive tract infections and diseases.


Pine honey comes from honeycomb secretions. It’s not particularly sweet so I like the taste. It is rich in trace elements, proteins and amino acids. Its concentration in sugars is slightly lower than other honeys (eg flower or thyme), but what distinguishes it is that it never crystallizes because it has a very low glucose content below 30 %, even after years. About 75% of the total honey production in Ikaria is pine honey. This makes pine the most important beekeeping plant on the Island. Pine honey has antiseptic action, helps to fight inflammation and works against cough and gout.


Flowers are produced from the nectar of flowers and contain pollen from many plants in varying proportions. Their physicochemical and therapeutic properties as well as their
color vary according to the nectar of the bee-carrying plants in the hive. Typically, no type of pollen does not exceed the limit above which it could give a pure character to that honey.

The Flower:
is the “sweet” of the honey of Greece has a gentle taste is characterized by a balanced flower bouquet of flowers helps digestion function well helps children to grow properly gives energy and endurance regulates intestinal function enhances the operation of the High.


4 x All Flavors, 4 x Flower, 4 x Pine, 4 x Thyme, 4 x Heather 'Anama'


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