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Limited Premium Raw Thyme Honey (theta)


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Rare, Limited, 100% Pure, Premium Raw Monofloral honey. Greek honey with floral taste and mild bitterness is a part of Mediterranean diet. As it is available in only few places of Greece, it is rare and precious. High amounts of vitamins and antioxidants present in it help you live long with good health. Have it with meat, cheese or as a substitute for sugar in sweet dishes. 330gr

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Type: Rare, Limited, 100% Pure, Premium Raw Monofloral honey, containing 77% (Harvest 2015)thyme pollen.

Use on/with: Due to therapeutic and nutritional properties, it is advised to be consumed straight. Could be used raw as topping on ice cream and Greek yogurt.

Color: Gold champagne

Taste. A gentle and smooth sweetness at first, followed by a feeling of wild thyme and herb aromas bursting out.

Production: Lab Tested. Unfiltered and Extracted below 35 degrees without any Pasteurization. Not applied to any Heating which destroys aromas, yeast enzymes and phenol.

Container: Bottled it in exquisite design violet glass container which increases the shelf life of the product and prolongs its potency. It distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers your product optimal protection against the harmful effects of light.

Packaging: Packaged and sealed by hand using hologram seal, with no machine involved in the production process.

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