Liqueur Tentura Castle with Mastic 500ml


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Tentura Castle with Sour Cherry (25% vol.), The pre-eminent liqueur. The only 100% natural extracts of spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and cloves.

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Tentura Castle with aroma from Chios!

Tentura Castro, the pre-eminent liqueur, is the only one from 100% natural extracts of spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and clove, but also nutmeg, citrus and Chios mastic.

In the product TENTOURA KASTRO with MASTIC the aroma and taste of Chios mastic are more recognizable, compared to the classic Tentura Kastro. The intense spice extracts of Tentura Kastro coexist harmoniously with the unique mastic of Chios in aroma and taste.

An innovative, impressive combination, which unravels the thread of Tentura flavors and aromas, revealing the secrets of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, citrus and mastic. Delicious taste from the Mediterranean east that awakens and activates the senses. It is drunk mainly after a good meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif), plain or with ice as a regular drink, frozen in small glasses, with soda or in cocktails.


200ml, 500ml


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