Liqueur Tentura Castle


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Tentura Castle (25% vol.), The pre-eminent liqueur. The only 100% natural extracts of spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and cloves.

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TENTOURA KASTRO is the ultimate liqueur. Its name comes from the Latin “tinctura” which means tincture, extract. Its origin, according to tradition, dates back to around the 15th century, the time of the Venetians. It is the only one that contains 100% natural extracts of spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and clove, but also nutmeg, citrus and Chios mastic.

In 1999 we pulled from the past and were the first to highlight the liqueur (liqueur) Tentura, researching its history, using modern marketing to create the product TENTOURA CASTLE and placing it not only in the commercial market, but also in the field of Art and Culture . From that point on, the story of Tentura began again, won the favor of the public, expanded into the world market.

Today, TENTOURA KASTRO is the most typical product and is drunk everywhere: In the restaurant after the meal, in the bars and cafes, plain, with ice or in a cocktail with Brandy, Mastic or red fruit juices. Enjoy a shot of plain or with sour cream and grated cinnamon or add it to your hot drinks for a special, aromatic, spicy taste.


500ml, 700ml, 2 Lt


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