Mytilene METAL BOTTLE Ouzo Table 42% vol 700ml


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VETO OUZO SPENTZA 42% vol. METAL 200-700ml
Type: Traditional boiled ouzo.

Location: Mytilene. North Aegean Region.

History: The Spentza distillery was started in 1892 in Pergamon, Asia Minor by George Spentza (1st generation) and continued in 1948 by Dimitrios Spentza (2nd generation) in Mytilene, Lesvos, under the name Ouzo “VETO” Mytilene.

Packaging: Ouzo Veto Metallic is the first in Greece to be licensed by the General State Chemist for bottling and marketing in metal containers. The unbreakable packaging of a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly material, ideally combines reduced weight with safe transport. Protection from UV radiation and sunlight, help the sensitive ouzo VETO to retain all its valuable characteristics.

Accompanies: Fried, salted fish, appetizers, sausages.

Serve at: 4-8 ° C




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