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100% Organic Honey Mainlo Vanilla. The only Greek honey with Protected Designation of Origin (PGI). Rich nutritional value due to high trace content and lower sugar content compared to all other honey.

CATEGORY: Melitoma
COLOR: Amber, almost off-white color with “golden shades” inside
TEA: Multilevel but softly sweet due to low natural sugars, with caramel notes.
AROMA: Mild aroma of fir
Crystallization: Because of its low natural sugar content, Elat Vanilla honey does NOT crystallize at all and is the only one with this property among the other varieties of honey.

Organic Honey Vanilla Minalou is the only Greek honey with a protected designation of origin since 1992 and is produced exclusively in the defined area of ​​the mountain of Menalou, Arkadia (at an altitude> 1000m), dominated by the forest of Kefallinia spruce.

It stands out for its distinctive appearance, with the “golden” shades created inside it and its total pearly off-white color. That is why it is also called “Vanilla”. It is particularly viscous and tastes like caramel or vanilla. It is unique and one of the most rare in the world!

Its rarity is, in addition to its particular appearance, difficult to extract from the honeycombs, as there are usually losses due to the destruction of the honeycombs. For this reason, we produce it in very small quantities.

LOW sugars
It has the lowest sugar content and hence the fewer calories than other honey

High content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

A lively, multi-layered and peculiar taste and reminiscent of caramel notes. Unique in Greece and worldwide.


  • Characterized for the presence of metal salts (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron) in larger quantities compared to other types of honey.
  • Due to its soft but rich texture and its nutrients, it has beneficial properties for the stomach and is recommended to relieve stomachache
  • It has an antiseptic effect on the respiratory system, and also acts against oral malodour
  • Due to low sugars (lower than the other honey) it is recommended for a balanced low calorie diet and in small doses it can be used by diabetics
  • Positive action in reducing obesity, accelerating metabolism and covering the feeling of sweetness (serotonin-daily dose of happiness) in the diet.


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