Organic Thyme Raw Honey with BIO KROKOS-SAFFRON 720gr

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Organic Thyme Raw Honey with BIO KROKOS-SAFFRON 720gr

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Honey as human food is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthier foods.
It gives energy to the muscles, clarity in mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system.
Regular use gives vitality to the body and helps to prolong life. Hippocrates and
all the doctors of antiquity recommended as a medicine in many cases.

Today recognized its therapeutic value in habitual constipation in heart disease,
anemia, adenopathy and forfeiture cases and weakness of the body.
This view is widespread throughout the world and the most important is documented by scientists.
Thus, in an effort to determine the effect of honey as food and
medicine in various clinical cases Duisberg (1967) distinguish the following cases:

Honey acts against stress, and this is achieved by storing
the fructose contained in the liver as glycogen.
There is converted into glucose, thereby increasing the concentration of the blood.
Facilitates the assimilation of calcium, activates ossification.
Cures or relieves internal disorders, stomach ulcers, insomnia, the sore throat,
some heart disease and generally have beneficial effects on the heart,
increases blood hemoglobin and muscle strength, etc.

In external use heal burns, wounds and nasopharyngeal diseases thanks to inchidini
(inhidine) which gives it bacteriostatic properties. Honey, then, is the main product in beekeeping
but also a valuable ally of the human body.

Organic Saffron (CROCUS SATIVUS L.)

It is one of the rarest medicinal plants.
The dried stigmas of the flower are precious crocus or saffron crocus or saffron.
For three hundred years the saffron is cultivated and grows only in N. Kozani.
The excellent quality ranks first bio yolk world. PDO product.

A unique natural product with many beneficial properties and benefits.

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