Ouzo 12 double distillation 40% 700ml+GIFT


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Constantinople. Meeting place of cultures, aromas and flavors. Place of birth of Ouzo 12. This is where it all started.

For 125 years, selected fruits and herbs from the East have been harmoniously married with the same secret recipe and give, after double distillation, the favorite Ouzo of the Greeks.

The story of Ouzo 12 begins in 1880 in Istanbul, when the Kalogianni brothers, in the small, traditional distillery they maintained, first distilled their own ouzo. At that time ouzo was not sold ready-made in bottles, but directly from the barrel.
The distillate from the barrel with the number “12” was the one that gathered the tastes of the fanatics of the time, as the ouzo distillate stored in it stood out for its quality, taste and fine aroma.

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Weight 2.250 kg
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Tsipouro 400ml, Tsikoudia 400ml, Ouzo 400ml, Wine 500ml, Beer 500ml


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