Ouzo 700ml 45 vol Distillation 100% 6 months Maturity


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Plomari Ouzo 6 months Maturity 45% vol 700ml

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Excellent quality product, perfectly balanced in the mouth, sweet drink without sugar or other sweeteners, naturally flavored with fragrant herbs of the blessed lesbian land, diluted only with the only water matured for six months in a tank, for homogenization of the ingredients and stirring.

Ouzo from 100% distillation of Greek anise, fennel, natural Chios mastic and a variety of aromatic seeds. Sugarless. Distillation in copper, traditional abysses. The heart of the distillate, rich in flavor and aroma, is collected patiently and bottled without added sugar.
Excellent accompaniment to Greek traditional delicacies. Enjoy plain or with ice.




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