OUZO TYRNAVOU SPECIAL 700ml one of the best Greek ouzo.


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OUZO TYRNAVOU SPECIAL 700ml one of the best Greek ouzo.

Ouzo Tyrnavou Kardasi is produced based on the traditional recipe that the family has owned since 1914.

The ingredients of this recipe are the combination in the right proportion of 15 aromatic seeds and herbs (some of them extremely rare). The use of these herbs is also due to the sweetness of Ouzo Kardasis, as it does not contain sugar.
The extract of the highest quality seeds and herbs is distilled in a small copper urn made by Greek craftsmen in Istanbul. The distillation process is slow, almost mystical.

The distillate is collected and after dilution is stored in stainless steel tanks for a short time, until the aromas are balanced. It is then filtered and bottled. Mild taste with dominant aromas of anise, cinnamon, bitter almond, nutmeg, mastic, (and not only) is the delicious result of Ouzo Kardassis

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Weight 1.550 kg

2x200ml, 700ml


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