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Pamako Organic EVOO 500ml (16,9 oz)


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The Pamako Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an award-winning product from the Tsounati (60%) and the Koroneiki (40%) varieties.

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Pamako is a newly established company with the vision of producing superior quality organic extra virgin olive oil, combining the long family tradition and experience in the art of olive cultivation with the modern methods of oil extraction, packaging and storage that technology allows for today.

The olive groves are located near the ancient city of Elyros within the larger region of Chania, in south-western Crete, in the mountainous and rocky area of Selino, at an altitude of 500 to 700 meters, where one can find olive trees of an average age of 200 years old and between 11 to 20 meters height. The ideal microclimate of the area and the composition of the soil combined with the strict requirements of organic farming contribute in the premium quality of the final product. The olive harvest performed entirely by hand due to the uneven ground, takes place when the fruit is still unripe. The oil extraction which follows the cold pressed method and the storing of the juice in stainless steel tanks using argon ensure the excellent quality of the juice and its duration over time.

The varieties cultivated for the production of Pamako Organic Blend EVOO are Tsounati (an ancient variety dating back to the Minoan ages) and to a lesser extent Koroneiki.


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