PINE Raw Honey Jar 470 gr from Pirgo Elias

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PINE Raw Honey Jar 470 gr from Pirgo Elias

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Pine Honey is very nutritional and especially rich in minerals.The pine honey is not very sweet due to its low sugar concentration.It doesn’t crytsallize easily and its color is darker than the flower honey.The pine honey is very nutritional as it contains a great number of different substances (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper etc.).The pine honey is known to help the vocal chords.

Greek Honey
In Greece, apiculture does not involve the intense exploitation of bees and organised monocultures of mass produced, low cost & low quality honey.
Greek apiculture in protected Natura 2000 regions allows bees to feed exclusively on pure pollen, far away from chemicals, pesticides & industrial zones.
Due to the dry climate of Greece, honey has low water content and therefore it is slightly processed.
This has as a result a more aromatic, more dense and richer in flavours and ingredients honey.

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