REFINED FIRST GREEK 5 Years Tsipouro 700ml


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REFINED FIRST GREEK Tsipouro 500ml from specially selected spirits that mature slowly for at least “five” years in oak barrels.

This refined tsipouro comes from specially selected spirits that mature slowly for at least “five” years in French and American oak barrels, giving it a strong personality. This tsipouro fully expresses the philosophy of our family: patience, authenticity and commitment to perfection.

Be seduced by its amber color and complex aroma. Smell the candied stone fruits, the orange peel, the figs, the dark chocolate, the vanilla and the hazelnut. Put a drop “p5nte” on your lips and prepare your palate to enjoy this rich and elegant distillate, with the seductive aromas that flood the mouth and its persistent silky texture.

Taste all aspects of “p5de” plain, in a glass of tulip suitable for spirits, next to bitter chocolate, chocolate truffles, dried fruits, nuts, spicy and smoked cheeses or foie gras. Each combination with the aged tsipouro “π5ντε” will create a special taste experience.

“P5nte” has been bottled in an impressive and carefully selected carafe, in a luxurious package and is available in selected cellars.




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