Royal Jelly to Stimulate the Body with Antiseptic and Antioxidant Properties, 30caps


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Strict hygiene rules are applied at each stage of production, which, in combination with the continuous laboratory tests, ensure the high and stable quality of the product.

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Royal jelly is a viscous whitish milky substance, with a sour, slightly caustic taste, which is secreted by the glands, located under the pharynx and lower jaw of worker bees, and is an essential food for the queen bee and the larva.

Natural product rich in sugars, amino acids, vitamins & trace elements that is a natural source of energy for the body, while at the same time:

Strengthens the body’s defenses in cases of illness.
It has a positive effect on metabolism and growth.
Helps maintain health and beauty.
Revitalizes depressed and aging organisms.
Increases and maintains libido.
It has antiseptic and antioxidant properties.
Royal Jelly in capsule form that does not need a refrigerator.

Apipharm products are:

Pure & 100% natural.
No Processing: The processing of the products should be done as gently as possible.
No chemical residues & derivatives.
From non-genetically modified plants that maintain high purity and product quality.
With strict continuous controls, ensuring the reliability of the products.
With true and guaranteed effectiveness by nature for all families.

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