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Rusks with carob and olive oil 700gr-24.69oz


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Its combination with excellent quality flour and Cretan olive oil provide plenty beneficial ingredients.

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Our rusks with carob and olive oil are a special product nutritional value. The presence of ground 100% natural Cretan carob and the Its combination with excellent quality flour and Cretan olive oil provide plenty beneficial ingredients. Their main ingredient is complex carbohydrates, preserving simple sugars at very low levels. They provide energy for a long time During the day. The presence of locust bean flour provides a low index product suitable for diabetics.

At the same time it is a product with satisfactory plant food sources of protein and high content of minerals, B vitamins and trace elements, both due to locust bean and other whole and non- holemeal flours contains. At this point it is worth noting that carob flour is an excellent one source of calcium, with a good degree of its absorption.
The presence of edible locust fibers and flours is very important whole wheat in nuts with locust bean and olive oil .. The largest percentage of fiber contained in locust bean flour belongs to the category of insoluble fiber, which contribute to proper gastrointestinal function and health.
At the same time, studies have been done on the effect of carob fibers on total and LDL “bad” cholesterol, which seems to have beneficial effects on lipid profile by lowering both LDL cholesterol and their levels triglycerides. The marriage with authentic Cretan olive oil comes to give to locust beans and olive oil of good quality monounsaturated fatty acids, which protect against cardiovascular disease, helping to control its lipids blood.
In closing it should be noted that the nuts with carob and olive oil are foods that can contribute to better physical control weight, offering a high degree of satiety and masking the sweet taste with one very healthy way.

Εnergy kj/Kcal:1751 Kj/415 Kcal
Fats:8,1 g
of which Saturates:1,48 g
Carbohydrates:70,8 g
of which Sugars:5,3 g
Fiber:6,7 g
Protein:11,4 g
Salt:< 0,025 g


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