Staka – Anthogalo Handmade Cretan cheese+1 Bougatsa 500gr Gift


It is a dairy product between cheese and yogurt. It is cooked with eggs, spaghetti, pilaf or in pies, while it is also consumed raw as a cheese salad.

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Staka – Anthogalo Cretan cheese + 1 Bougatsa Gift

It is a dairy product, derived from the chip (skin / cream) that forms on the surface of goat’s and sheep’s milk, immediately after milking. They are usually skimmed from the milk and when a sufficient amount of cream is collected, they heat it, on a very low heat, stirring it constantly. When it starts to liquefy, they add salt, flour and a little water. (For each kilo add about 1 teaspoon of salt, 8-9 tablespoons of flour and 1-2 tablespoons of water, which is needed to separate the butter.

As the skin begins to coagulate and come off the bottom of the pot, its proteins separate from its butter. After pouring the butter into a separate container, continue heating the cream, stirring it. The remaining gel mass of the proteins is called “staka” and the butter they kept is called “stakobutter”.

As the staka heats up, a wonderful aroma emerges, its color is whitish or pale yellow and its taste is intensely blue.

In Crete it is used, “in frying an egg, on a hot baked potato, in” burning “a pasta or ‘gamopilafos’, as well as in a roast lamb in the oven”.

ENERGY 246Kcal/1029kj 73.8Kcal/308.7kj
PROTEINS 1g 0.3g
of which sugars 0.3g 0.09g
TOTAL FAT 27.3g 8.19g
of which saturated 17.9g 5.37g
FIBERS 0g 0g
SALT 0g 0g
SODIUM 0g 0g



Baking instructions
1. Place the frozen product directly in the oven, without defrosting it.
2. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 35-40 minutes. At 15-20 minutes of baking, turn the product over to cook well on the other side and continue baking for about 10-15 minutes, the duration and temperature of baking adjust depending on your oven.

Weight of each bougatsa : 480g / 500g

Bougatsa Thessaloniki

The most famous pie of Thessaloniki that was loved all over the country, is coming to your table.
All the mastery and art in opening the leaf and all the tradition of many years are uniquely combined with savory and sweet ingredients to offer an incomparable taste experience with the aroma of Thessaloniki that floods the whole house.

Enjoy crispy authentic bougatsa leaves at any time of the day that includes rich filling in three delicious flavors:

– Vanilla cream and aroma
– Spinach
– Feta and mizithra

Bougatsa Sheet or Air or Pulled
Very elastic dough that is kneaded in the … air. The dough is divided into small balls that stay on the edge until they swell and double in volume. From each ball of dough, a sheet measuring approximately 1.5 × 2 meters is created, so thin that it is almost transparent. The air leaf opens by flying in the air and needs experience so that it does not tear.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Staka Weight

480gr/500gr *variable weight, 950gr/1Kg *variable weight

Choose one Bougatsa as Gift

Cream 500gr, Cheese 500gr, Spinach 500gr


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