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Stichion – Premium AUTHENTIC Mastiha Spirit 700ml vol 26%


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Composition of fine tsipouro with pure flower honey-scented with notes of lemon, cinnamon, and nutmeg…a top taste and emotional experience!

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The purity of nature, the wisdom of the past and the quality of modern distilling methods, settled in a premium mastic drink, different from the others.
Stichion is made from excellent raw materials combined into a sweet, robust, crystalline 26% alc., and honors its long history and origins with its uniqueness. The special bottle, with a design inspired by the trunk of the Schinos, encloses the whole authentic tradition of Mastic, in a refined, uniquely balanced result:
A velvety spirit that speaks directly to the heart and palate.

The Gold Outstanding Award as well as the Liqueurs Trophy 2022 went to Stichion, a premium Mastic drink, which incorporates the wisdom of the past and the quality of modern distilling methods. Thanks to its naturally excellent balance, complexity and strength of flavor, Stichion won the highest honors awarded in this competition.
In particular, the Outstanding award is given to the products that stood out among the Gold awardees. An even more important recognition is the Liqueurs Trophy 2022 award, which is awarded to the “best of the first”, i.e. to the products that stood out among all the Gold Outstanding awardees per category, following a new blind tasting process.

With the rare ingredient in hand, he begins to precisely execute the secret recipe, distilling it
in traditional copper crucibles.
The process results in a transparent distillate, which – after being diluted with pure water to reach 26% Alc. – is combined with sugar, according to the traditional recipe. This unique marriage makes Stichion so different and gives it a rich aroma, balanced sweet character, robust and full bodied, with a creamy and rich texture.

On the nose, the original aromas of mastic escape lively, lively and playful, very nicely combined with cool notes of fir, delicious hints of marzipan and sweet touches of vanilla, thanks to the excellent quality of the raw material.
The mouthfeel is amazing and like a tasteful dip in the purebred, raw, natural mastic, with a subtle sweetness, while the alcohol is fully incorporated giving a velvety and gentle feel.

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