Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agrielia E-LA-WON 500ml


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Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agrielia E-LA-WON 500ml / E-LA-WON Premium subspice Botsikolia

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E-LA-WON Premium subspice Botsikolia
«Botsikolia» is concidered a valuable subspecies of olive tree that is growing in Ilia region, Greece and has unique properties. It is a neglected, forgotten tree. But the most important fact is that it is the mother plant of the spanish olive tree Arbequina. According to Spanish documents, the tree was imported from Greece to Spain, when Spanish sailors, among them Duke Medinaceli, ferried and planted it, at the county Leida of Catalonia.

Agrielia or Agrelos is a wild olive bush long lasting and virtually immortal.

According to Plenius, that oil is extracted first by squeezing the olives when they are still white (immature). Beside its low acidity, wild olive oil is richer in omega3 and 6 fats. Pharmaceutical substances found in it have antinflammatory, antioxidant, cardio protective and neuro protective properties. Among the benefits wild olive oil offers to health are reduction of the LDL cholesterol in blood thus helping in good artery function and avoiding thrombosis. Moreover it reduces blood pressure, enchances the well being of the brain and bone construction, especially in children, since it enchances the absorbtion of calcium. Because of its concenctration in vitamin E, it helps aging smoothly which is a neccessity of the elderly.


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