Thyme and Pine Raw Honey Jar 450g from Mountains of Crete

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Thyme and Pine Raw Honey Jar 450g from Mountains of Crete

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Exceptional taste & aroma.

Unique quality Cretan honey collected from hives that have remained in the most pure areas of the prefecture of Heraklion.
Bees export honey from thyme, various herbs of Cretan land and pine.The honeycombs, after passing through the summer vines of the Thyme,end in September and October in the pine trees of Crete.There, they collect the unique Cretan pine honey, which naturally blends with the thyme which is left in the honeycombs and gives us a final excellent honey, Pine with Thyme.Bees are always in extremely virgin places so the bees will be unique.After harvesting, the honey is carefully filtered and packed for up to one month from its collection directly in glass jars, and then stored in a dark, dry and constantly low temperature room,ready to be released for consumption.

Cretan honey is definitely very basic in our everyday life,since it is used not only in cooking and sweets,but also offers many healing properties.It is known to help in metabolism, it is a basic source of energy for the heart and reduces the acidity of the stomach,thus helping to various gastrointestinal conditions.These are only a few of the many healing properties of honey.Honey is an excellent sweetener, which contains various sugars glucose,that makes it capable of being used even in cases of diabetes mellitus!Is a food rich in vitamins and antioxidant (against cancer) substances.The main honey vitamin is E and along with other substances used to expel from the body of the incriminated derived either from his own metabolism or the effect of extrinsic factors,such as smoking, radiation and various carcinogens.The processing of Cretan honey is made in a natural way,without high temperatures that destroy vitamins so Cretan honey is a completely natural product.

Greek Honey
In Greece, apiculture does not involve the intense exploitation of bees and organised monocultures of mass produced, low cost & low quality honey.
Greek apiculture in protected Natura 2000 regions allows bees to feed exclusively on pure pollen, far away from chemicals, pesticides & industrial zones.
Due to the dry climate of Greece, honey has low water content and therefore it is slightly processed.
This has as a result a more aromatic, more dense and richer in flavours and ingredients honey.

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