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Tsikoudia 35N Raki from Pickly Pear -Opuntia Premium


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Opuntia Spirit by Minoan Land
Opuntia Spirit is a unique kind of cactus pickly pear tsikoudia, the latest and most innovating creation of the cretan distillery. It is also very similar to tequila and that is why it is considered to be the Cretan tequila.

It is produced just like tsikoudia but the distillate comes from cactus prickly pears, which are cultivated in abundance on the Cretan land. It is a unique Cretan Spirit that maintains the taste and aroma of the fruit leaving a great aftertaste on the palate.

Opuntia Spirit contains 35% alcohol. Enjoy it cold or in room temperature and use it to make delicious cocktails or combine it with various juices.

Minoan Land is an agriculture cooperative company that cultivates prickly pears, aloe vera and herbs using alternative, eco-friendly methods. The main goal of the cooperative is achieving a high quality result in their production, by respecting and benefiting from the natural enviroment of the rich Cretan land.

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