Tsikoudia Cretan Raki 700ml


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Tsikoudia is the Cretan spirit that every family in Crete traditionally treats its guests. It is made right after the grape harvesting and fermentation of the grapes. It is distilled in copper alembics, gently simmering for hours.

Kretaraki Tsikoudia Cretan Raki is made from selected sweet sultana grapes gathered from the mountain vineyards in Crete. The grapes are fermented for 30 days and then, a double extraction follows in order to collect only the pure heart of tsikoudia. Kretaraki Tsikoudia is a pure distillate of superb quality with a peppery and fruity flavour, that is characteristic of the authentic cretan tsikoudia.

Tsikoudia is served in small shot glasses and can accompany fresh raw vegetables, olives, cheese, rusk or dried fruits. It is also customary to have a shot of tsikoudia as a digestive after a good meal.

Kretaraki Tsikoudia is one of the best Cretan tsikoudia. A perfect drink to share with friends or offer it to your house guests.

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