Registration on our site is necessary to be able to launch the order you want to do. In fact, ordering requires data such as address, phone and e-mail to allow delivery of the order. Also, with your registration at www.savodor.com, you have more speed in completing the order without having to declare the same items every time, you have access to your order history, you can create your own wish list and have as many delivery addresses as you want.

To become a member click on “Login” at the top right of the site. In the form that appears, fill in the information you need to create your account on the site. Now you can also buy from www.savodor.com !

The password recovery process is easy. In the entry form and under the code field, click the “Forgot password” link. On the displayed page fill in your e-mail and you will receive an e-mail with the instructions to create a new password.

At www.savodor.com you order at any time online by clicking the “Add to cart” option next to each product.

Once you make your order, you are informed by e-mail about its evolution. In fact, you are informed in the following phases of your order: a) When making a new order, you receive a confirmation e-mail that the order has been successfully registered b) When you process your order and start collecting its products, you receive a new e-mail with the estimated delivery time c) when your order is delivered to the carrier, you receive an e-mail for the exact delivery time. You can also see the order progress through your Savodor account at any time.

In www.savodor.com you can pay in any of the following ways: a) By Paypal account b) By depositing the value of your order in a bank account of Greek Taste c) By credit card d) By Payoneer Payout ( Transfers must be made from a saving account) e) By Stripe with your Credit / Debit Card f) Apple Pay.

You may return any product you have purchased from www.savodor.com if the package has not been opened and the product has not been used within 30 calendar days of its receipt by shipping to the consignor.

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